5 annoying things women do in front of their men!

One day we all meet someone special and fall in love with them. This person becomes a main part of our life and we are ready to do everything to ensure their happiness. Unfortunately, not all people are able to maintain their relationship and stay together for a long time.

However, those people who manage to do it become really close. They feel safe and comfortable when they’re together and push the boundaries of the relationship. They seem to be a single unit, rather than two individuals. However, despite such a strong connection there are things that can still provoke quarrels.

Today we have something special for you. Here are 5 annoying things which you shouldn’t do in front of your man. Maybe this information will help you maintain a happy relationship and live peacefully with your loved one.

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#1. Pop pimples

Many people have this habit. It is not surprising because when you look in the mirror and see a pimple on our face our first reaction is to pop it. However, you shouldn’t do it in front of anyone. From the outside it looks rather unattractive and even disgusting.

#2. Picking your nose

Well, it’s quite obvious. This process looks rather disgusting. Especially if you do it in front of the man you love. He will be shocked and not in a way. All people pick their nose from time to time but don’t do it in from of your man.

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#3. Fart in front of your man

Let’s face it, nobody wants to hear it. Moreover, no one wants to smell it. If you think that it’s funny, you are wrong. It’s disgusting. If it was accidentally he will forgive you. But it shouldn’t be a habit.
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#4. Pick you panties out your butt

Yes, wedgies are not pleasant and there is no guarantee that you won’t get one even if you are wearing the most comfortable underwear. However, it doesn’t mean that you should pick your panties in front of you man. Just excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to solve this little problem.
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5.But their periods

Well, it’s a natural process that happens to every woman. Sometimes it is accompanied by pain but that doesn’t mean you should tell him about it all the time. He doesn’t want to know all the details.
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