Celery Contains Natural Insulin And Help You Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Celery is a vegetable filled with a wide variety of benefits. It is abundant in natural insulin and plenty of sodium. It contains four times more sodium than any other vegetable and also a lot of calcium.

Eat celery every day since it will keep the inorganic calcium in your body dissolved. It will help you eliminate the excess of it from your body since it can cause great health problems when it is too much. Celery is also full of a high percentage of iron and magnesium and is great for our blood cells.

Celery is filled with 95% water. It is considered to be our richest life-giving food with sodium chloride. People who drink raw celery juice don’t have problems during very hot weather. Half a liter of fresh raw celery juice every day can be very beneficial.

It can also help you against insomnia and problems with the nerves. It calms you down and relaxes you. Drinking about 1 or 2 glasses of this juice every afternoon or evening will also help you sleep peacefully.

Raw celery juice has a sobering character, especially if it’s combined with spinach, parsley and carrot juice. There are countries which even produce it in factories as a remedy against a hangover.

Celery root can be used as an amazing ingredient in salads. Use it ground or grated. Only the root contains 84% of water. Its Th carbohydrate content is four times higher in the celery root than in the leaf.

The content of potassium is less than 50%. The root has only some traces of sodium when it’s compared to the leaves. The content of silicon and iron is 50% lower in its root than in its leaves.

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