If You Spot These Signs Your Partner Is Cheating, According To A Private Investigator

Devastating as it may be, it’s essential that you have full knowledge of your partner’s infidelities. The truth is so important for the one who feels cheated, that one can even seek professional assistance of private investigators who then take it upon themselves to bring into light the illicit relationships of the accused.

However, you’d not have to depend completely on such investigators if you yourself know the signs to look out for.

Moreover, these professionals only know your partner from a distance. After all, there is no one who knows your partner better than you do and thus, no one is better placed to sense those subtle but significant changes in their behaviours.

According to Tom Martins, a top private investigator and former federal agent, you must not be alarmed if you notice only one or two of these signs in isolated events. Only if you notice four or more of them at the same time, that’s when it smells like cheating.

So, let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point. Following are the 20 obvious signs of cheating that you should be conscious of to know if you are being cheated upon:

1. Habit Alterations
It is imperative that your partner’s habits will change if they are spending much intimate time with somebody else.

2. Lesser time spent at home
Your partner leaving home earlier than usual and returning later than they normally would indicates a problem when it happens on a regular basis.

3. Increased official tours
If your partner’s ‘official’ or ‘business’ tours have suddenly increased to an abnormal level and they are not willing to give you any information other than these being ‘work-related’, they might be cheating on you.

4. Missing out on family matters
Look out if your partner is perpetually absent on holidays or is skipping family events because they have ‘something important to do’.

5. Too much work
If your partner is suddenly doing so much ‘overtime’ that no one possibly could, is a signal of trouble.

6. Unaccounted spending
It’s common for a cheating partner to be spending on items they have no explanation for.

7. Secret social avatars
Your cheating partner is bound to have more than one accounts on social media which you never knew about or where they wouldn’t add you.

8. Suppressing credit card bills
It is very likely that your cheating partner would hide their credit card bills from you.

9. Excessive self-care
Watch out if your partner is suddenly paying too much attention to looking good and keeping themselves groomed.

10. Unknown scent
This is a classic scene. Beware of any unrecognized scent on your partner’s clothes. In worst cases, there may even be lipstick stains on the collars.

11. Gifts that are not for you
If cheating, your partner is obviously going to buy gifts that are never for you.

12. Irrelevant items
Look out for unexplained items like, say, a condom in the car.

13. Obsession with the gym
Your partner’s sudden obsession with working out may mean that they are trying to better themselves for someone else.

14. Unknown missed calls
Mostly, calls from an illicit affair show up as unknown numbers. Look out for repeated missed calls from such numbers.

15. Secret messages
A cheating partner is most likely to be sending out some coded text message written in a secretive language.

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