This Is Going to Happen If You Spray Your Bed with Alcohol

Most of us are not aware of complete benefits of rubbing alcohol in our lives. We often use it as a disinfectant and removing agent for other adhesive substances. But, this wonderful ingredient is loaded with numerous uses as well and this is the reason it is widely used in number of beauty products.

Let’s see all the benefits and uses of alcohol in this article.

This Is Going to Happen If You Spray Your Bed with Alcohol!

Eliminates Bed Bugs
If you think it is impossible to eliminate and destroy bed bugs, then here we go with the solution for your problem. Take a spray bottle and spray alcohol over your mattresses and pillow, repeat this over several times in a day to completely eliminate bed bugs.

Destroys Lice
In case if you’re facing trouble with lice on your head, then alcohol can help you to prevent them completely.

Take a spray bottle and fill it with little amount of alcohol and few drops of lavender essential oil. Spray this mixture on your scalp and along with your hair. Leave it for few minutes and then remove the dead lice by combing your hair.

Cleans The Skin
Instead of using certain chemical filled and harsh products, replace them with little amount of alcohol to cleanse your skin.

Rubbing alcohol has powerful anti inflammatory properties that can calm the affected skin, disinfect the pimples and prevent the appearance of acne. You just need to apply it directly on the affected skin.

Cleans The Ears
Most of the people use cotton swab to clean their ears. However, cotton swabs will make you to press the earwax deeper in ear canals. Just mix little amount of white vinegar with rubbing alcohol and soak cotton swab in it. Drop this mixture in the ear and easily remove wax by attaching to it.

Cleans Eye Glasses
You can clean your eye glasses with rubbing alcohol. You just need to spray some alcohol on the glasses and use a soft cloth to wipe them off.

Deodorant Replacement
You don’t need to get panic if you forget your deodorant in your home. Just apply some rubbing alcohol in your armpits, it will help to eliminate bacteria that cause bad smell and leaves you fresh all day long.

But, never make it a habit because regular use of alcohol on your skin will result in irritation and causes infections.

Cool Pack
Alcohol is best in using it as a cooling pad, because it never freezes. Mix 1:2 ratio of alcohol and water, keep this solution in a plastic sealable bag and in the fridge. Leave the solution most probably an hour in the fridge before using it.

Cold Sores
If you are one of those persons who are affected with herpes virus, then you need to apply 70% of isopropyl alcohol on the area which is affected and you see disappearing of sores easily.

Removes Nail Polish
Nail polish remover is loaded with numerous harsh chemicals that can affect your skin. Whereas rubbing alcohol is the best replacement for removing chemical acetone without affecting your skin, but it takes more time to remove nail polish with positive results.

Removes Ingrown Hair
Shaving your armpits and bikini area might results in causing red spots or irritation. Applying some rubbing alcohol will help you to get rid of irritation and leaves your skin smooth and clean.

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