Why do many doctors believe that cartilage can not be rebuilt?

“What’s gone is gone!” – This sentence is heard by millions of osteoarthritis patients when it comes to the damaged cartilage in their joints. But new studies show: That’s not true! If the cartilage is not permanently rubbed off, it can be rebuilt by the body. How this works, we’ll tell you in this article.

The widespread belief that osteoarthritis is incurable is directly related to the belief that the body can not rebuild articular cartilage. Once the cartilage is rubbed off, there is, according to conventional opinion, only the possibility of delaying further joint wear and suppressing the parallel pain with medication. Sooner or later, however, the supposedly incurable wear will result in an artificial joint.

But is that really true? Can the body really not regenerate the articular cartilage? Is the wear and therefore osteoarthritis incurable?

Why do many doctors believe that cartilage can not be rebuilt?
Doctors analyze x-ray image
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If a doctor thinks that cartilage can not be rebuilt by the body, then of course he has not just figured that out – he just simply does not know any better. If he X-rays the knee of an osteoarthritis patient, then he sees that the joint space is too small and may have formed bone growths on the articular surfaces. This suggests that the cartilage is severely worn. He rarely gets to see X-rays on which the joint space has become larger again and evidence of cartilage regeneration can be seen. Why is that? The patients who do this are doing better, their osteoarthritis has been stopped and they usually have no more pain. Do you go to the doctor and get X-rays while you’re alright? Just.

The doctor usually only gets to see that the destruction of the cartilage and the pain that occurs in parallel continue to increase over the long term – regardless of which therapy he uses.

No wonder then that a doctor who has never been able to observe a cartilage regeneration considers anyone incompetent who disagrees.

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To confirm
Only a few question what they have learned
On the radiographs, the doctor sees only a momentary state, but not how it developed. During his studies, the doctor has learned the causes and treatment methods for osteoarthritis and is confirmed by the X-ray images, which show the progressive wear.

Few question the fact that osteoarthritis may have completely different causes, because that would mean that they have to question all that they have learned over the years, what they have been tested in, and what they have been treating their patients most of the time.

Therefore, treatments continue to be developed that can not permanently eliminate the wear and the pain because they are based on a false assumption about the causes of osteoarthritis. And so also the belief manifests that arthritis and cartilage wear are unstoppable – after all, no treatment attempts help. You notice: it is a vicious circle!

How is osteoarthritis really made?
However, we should understand our doctors and therapists: it is not easy to question something that has been learned and used differently for years. In addition, many in their clinics are so under stress that they hardly get to worry about it.

Of course, there are many clues that would actually make you startling:

Again and again doctors tell us in our training that it is sometimes a strength act in arthrosis surgery to get the joints apart.

The tension of the muscles and fasciae is sometimes so great that the doctors have to cut them along the fiber direction during the surgery.

Roland Liebscher-Bracht explains osteoarthritisThis accurately reflects our experience: we have researched the development of osteoarthritis and pain for many years and found that the cause of osteoarthritis is not the onset of age or the regular use and stress of the joints. Rather, unyielding muscles and fascia created by our one-sided patterns of movement and putting tremendous pressure on the joints are the cause of wear. This can not be observed on X-rays and therefore “overlooked” most doctors this cause of osteoarthritis.

How the formation and treatment of osteoarthritis works in detail, we have summarized for you in our large arthritis article:

New studies show that cartilage can be rebuilt
If this overstress of the muscles and fascia is not normalized, the articular surfaces are increasingly pressed together, so that the cartilage permanently wears out. Cartilage is therefore not given the opportunity to regenerate. New studies confirm our opinion:

At the Medical Center of Utrecht University researchers demonstrated in 2011 that regenerates cartilage again if the permanent abrasion is stopped. 1)Doctors analyze x-ray picture of knee osteoarthritis
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For this purpose, patients with severe knee osteoarthritis, a metal frame was created, which pulled the knee joint apart five millimeters. Built-in springs caused pressure fluctuations in the synovial fluid and allowed the patient to walk with the frame. At the end of the study, it was shown that cartilage formation could be stimulated in such a short time and at the same time the arthrosis pain disappeared. When the new data was presented after a two-month treatment in 2016, cartilage thickness decreased again but was still much thicker than before treatment. 2)
This clearly shows that if the joint space is enlarged and the cartilage is not permanently rubbed off, cartilage can regenerate.

But do not worry, you do not have to walk around with a metal frame. It is much easier. Just ask yourself: What reduces the joint space and presses the joint surfaces together? Right, the relentless muscles and fascia, which continue to wear through their over-tension!

How can arthritis be stopped and cartilage built?
How can you now normalize the muscular-fascial tension, stop osteoarthritis and stimulate cartilage regeneration?

First, you must consistently ensure that your muscles and fascia become more pliable, allowing the joint space to increase.

You can achieve this with a regular (!) Application of the specially developed Liebscher & Bracht exercises. If you want to know more, we strongly recommend the new book by Roland Liebscher-Bracht: The Osteoarthritis Lies .

The book “The Arthrosis Liege” by Roland Liebscher-Bracht
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Also important is an optimal diet to provide the cartilage with the necessary nutrients for its regeneration. This is primarily ensured by a balanced and healthy food intake. However, as we are increasingly struggling with undersupply of these nutrients at the present time, we have come up with something here as well:

Our premium nutrients perfectly complement your diet with selected, high-quality nutrients without artificial additives – for optimal support of cartilage regeneration.

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Of course, the cartilage regeneration does not work in all cases: If, for example, in an accident tissue was destroyed or torn or joints were severely destroyed, then the ability to regenerate reaches its limits.

What really helps against osteoarthritis?
Lieb Liebscher & Bracht therapy breaks down the surges of your muscles and fascia, causing arthritis and cartilage damage. The therapy works without side effects, medication or surgery and is confirmed by experts in their enormous effect.

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